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Stories of current Sisters'
and their Spiritual journeys? >>>>>>>
  • Sister Stories -
    • We have been called to serve God. After much discernment, that call led each one of us to make vows before God, our family, friends and other Sisters to serve God's people for the rest of our lives. Although we share that same choice for our lives, our individual stories are very different.
    • Each of the sponsoring Congregations of this website offers a few personal stories about the Sisters. These are stories of women today from diverse backgrounds and nationalities who have heard God's call and responded.
Vocation Quest CLICK HERE for an excellent web page of Discernment Resources.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

For information and resources on the Consecrated Life, available from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, CLICK HERE for their "Consecrated Life" index page. - We are Sisters of the Holy Cross in a collaborative association with other women who share our mission and have professional qualifications for the service they provide.
     We believe in the dignity of each person.
     We strive to provide opportunities for persons of diverse faith, race, and ethnic background to explore areas of human development and spirituality.

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