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The Council of Women Religious for the Diocese of Raleigh

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Diocese of Raleigh Council of Women Religious



The Council of Religious is a collegial body of women religious serving in the Diocese of Raleigh, NC who commit themselves to work with and for the women religious of the diocese.

The Council is committed to:

  •  Provide counsel to the Bishop.

  •  Represent the body of religious to the Bishop.

  •  Communicate with the women religious in the diocese regarding information that is relevant and appropriate to them.

  •  Promote religious vocations to Women’s Congregations.

  •  Serve on diocesan committees as requested.




Article I:  Membership

A.     Representation

        The 10-12 members of the Council of Women Religious will be elected by the entire body of sisters in the Diocese of Raleigh The election process will take place between January and March. The two year term of office will begin in July and will be renewable.


B.     Ex-Officio Members – Chancellor of the Diocese


       Article II: Organization

A.     Meeting of the Council will be held four times a year.

B.     A quorum is needed for any major decisions.

C.     Communication among and with the women religious in the diocese shall be by e-mail.


       Article III Functions of the Council of Women Religious

A.     Communications: The Council will:

1.      Listen to the ideas, hopes, and concerns of the Sisters, which if warranted, would be directed to the appropriate diocesan entity.

2.      Communicate the activities of the Council to the Sisters of the Diocese.

3.      Develop and maintain lines of communication with the Bishop.

4.      Coordinate and publicize opportunities for spiritual and professional development of interest to the Sisters.

B.     Meetings: The Council will:

1.      Be responsible for the organization of meetings and activities of the Council.

2.      Assist with regional gatherings of the Sisters.

3.      Organize the annual meeting of the Sisters.

C.     Diocesan Issues and Policies: The Council will:

1.      Surface and channel issues to the Bishop and appropriate diocesan entities

2.      Receive and address issues initiated by the Bishop or other collegial bodies of the Diocese.



       Article IV: Officers of the Council of Women Religious

                  A. Members

           1. Chairperson – Elected by the Council members for a term of two years   

                with the possibility of a renewal.                  


   2. Vice Chairperson - Elected by the Council for a term of two years

       with the possibility of a renewal.


   3. Secretary – Appointed by the Chairperson. No term limits.


   4. Treasurer-  Appointed by the Chairperson. No term limits


   5. Website Maintenance Liaison– Volunteer,


           Article V:   Duties of the Officers

A. Chairperson

       1.  Be the Council liaison to the Bishop and the Chancellor.

                         2.  Represent the women religious of the Diocese and their concerns.

                         3.  Represent the Council of Women Religious at designated meetings.

                               and events.

                         4.  Convene meetings and prepare agenda.

                         5.  Maintain communication with women religious in the diocese.

                         6.  Provide leadership in visioning and goal setting for the Council


B. Vice Chairperson

     1.  Conduct meetings in the absence of the Chairperson.

     2.  Assume those duties designated by the Chairperson.

     3.  Collaborate with the Chair in promoting the vision of the Council.

     4. Oversee the work of the Council Committees.


C. Secretary

                          1.  Take minutes at meetings.

                          2.  Distribute minutes to the religious and other appropriate persons.

3.  Maintain accurate data regarding the directory of sisters.

4.  Send appropriate correspondence to members and other designated          

           persons and organizations.

  5. Confirm date of events with Bishop’s Office; and place event is to be



                   D. Treasurer

1.      Maintain a list of all monetary transactions made by the Council.

2.      Report on expenses and budget balance to the Council.

3.      Maintain an on-going relationship with the diocesan finance office.

4.      Submit vouchers for reimbursement


E.      Website Liaison

1.      Maintain a relationship with our webmaster (see Finance folder)

2.      Maintain a relationship with our Diocesan webmaster

3.      Update our webmaster on any changes, deletions, or additions needed on the website

4.      Submit billing for payment each quarter

5.      Maintain an accurate email list for Council use and at the Diocese

6.      At end of year, update any changes of Sisters coming to or leaving the diocese on the website and at the Diocese

7.      Keep events page updated and accurate

8.      Collect materials for use on website from Appreciation Day, Jubilee, etc.


              Article VI   Standing Committees of the Council

A.     Celebration of Consecrated Life and recognition of Jubilarian –

composed of Council and Non-Council volunteers

(See separate Job Description)

B.     Annual Appreciation Day – formed of Council and Non-Council

(See separate Job Description)

C.     Election Committee – formed of 4 Council and Non-Council members

(See separate Job Description).                                


              Article VII Financial Support

A.     The Diocese of Raleigh provides financial support to the Council            

of Women Religious.

B.     The Council will endeavor to augment this support as the need arises.


               Article VIII.  Amendments

A.     To amend the Constitution requires a 2/3 majority vote of all the Sisters in the Diocese.

B.     To amend the By-laws requires a simple majority of the Council.


Revised November 7, 2013

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